Friday, August 30, 2013

Hopkinton Summerfest Parade, Part 2

The Hopkinton Summerfest parade was marching down the highway on a cloudy day. Nearby Parishville sent a contingent of ATV riders from their local club:

And there were lots of antique tractors:

And giant tractors pulling wagons filled with hay, children and calves:

Nearby North Lawrence sent some fire trucks to the parade:

And there were several antique cars:

Lots of color and happiness - and all the marchers threw candy to the crowd along the highway:

And a miniature car. How this man and two children fit inside, I couldn't tell you:

The local Catholic church had a float:

And Lawrenceville sent a fire truck or two:

And so did Dickinson:

The final entry in the parade was this pink fire truck supporting breast cancer research. By then it was threatening to rain, so I began walking back toward my car:

But I had to stop and take a photo when I saw this woman and her beloved pooch. There'd also been a Jack Russell puppy I'd taken pictures of but, true to the breed, he'd been so active that none of the photos were usable. But I was near my car by then and began driving home. There were lots more activities which were part of Summerfest, but the parade was all I attended on Saturday:

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