Monday, August 12, 2013

A Summer Trip To Quebec Brook, Part 2

We walked the Quebec Brook trail past fallen trees and over puddles until the trail became hard to find at all. Given my injured ankles and recent fall, I decided to play it safe and turn back toward the trail head:

We headed back the way we'd come and were on the trail when I captured this photo of Madeline looking admiringly up at her big buddy, Seamus:

And a happy group of dogs, all in a bunch. Only Fergus was off on his own:

The trail took us back along Quebec Brook:

This is a female Black-Winged Damselfly. Her wings have a white spot on them and her body is black instead of iridescent green. The male was pictured in yesterday's post:

We ventured off the trail into the Boreal forest every now and then just to experience the beauty and wonder of it all:

Seamus appeared to get tired and plopped his gigantic body down in the middle of the trail. I just walked past him and he pushed himself up and followed us:

The "Silly Sisters," only this time they weren't being so silly:

Clover and Madeline looked like small worshipers in the Boreal forest cathedral:

And onward we traveled along the ever changing trail:

A micro-mushroom. It was so tiny that I put my hand there for a size comparison:

And there was our car. The dogs were as happy to see it as they were to get out and see the forest. Dogs are happy about life in general, and that's a large part of why they are such a blessing to our lives. But this hike was finished. We weren't done for the day, though, and I'll post more from that summer afternoon in the future:

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