Monday, April 9, 2012

Wending Our Way Home Through The Adirondacks - Part 3

I was driving home from an action packed visit to the farm and enjoying the views. When I got to Adirondack Loj Road I had to snap another photo of the nearby high peaks:

And looking a bit more to the west:

And then on we went to Keene Cemetery. It was a great day for photos and the dogs needed a break so I drove up the hill to the top of the cemetery:

The dogs stretched their legs but not a one of them pooped (I would have cleaned it up):

Daphne and Clover continued their running and wrestling. I began to wonder if they'll ever grow out of that silly stage:

But we were all alone atop that hill with the Adirondack high peaks as our friendly neighbors:

We stayed only a few minutes and then I collected the dogs and drove on to the intersection of Routes 73 and  9N where the view was so lovely I felt compelled to take yet another picture:

I stopped briefly at Marcy Field but didn't let the dogs out:

One final photo while we were at Marcy Field and we continued on our way:

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