Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Out Of Focus Journey Along Route 73

The dogs and I left our rest stop on Route 9N and began our journey toward the farm on Route 73, the road directly through the High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks. I had a brand new camera and was snapping photos which, I later learned, were all out of focus. So no, it's not your eyes but the photos:

Yes, I know this picture is blurry (as are all the others) but I kept it because it shows the Ausable River cascading down the mountainside right next to the road. I later discovered that my new camera's setting got accidentally changed whenever I slipped it into my pocket - or even while just holding it. I had to learn to check before every shot but hadn't yet learned that:

And I tried the zoom lens to get a close-up of the rushing waters:

There's quite a flume in this stretch of river:

So I again tried the zoom lens:

And downstream toward where we'd just had our rest stop:

As I drove through the Giant Mountain region the views were great:

And then we started down into the Keene Valley. Alas, the mountains ahead are not sharply focused because I hadn't yet figured out my new camera:

And I stopped to snap a picture of my favorite waterfall, still unaware that my camera was set incorrectly. Well, I would learn soon:

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