Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Barn Construction Begun - Part 1

I arrived at the farm on Monday afternoon, and on Tuesday morning I went out to the barn to begin filling a giant dumpster with the garbage which had been being crammed into the barn for many decades, I took Seamus and Fergus with me at first:

But just as I was about to begin, the contractors arrived with a load of steel siding and began unloading it:

I put Fergus and Seamus back in the house and began loading up the dumpster. The contractor suggested I put all the wood (that old chair qualified) in a pile next to the door and he'd burn it in his outdoor furnace:

And then they brought in a loader and began tearing down the ramshackle old sheds attached to the barn:

Those sheds apparently were not as ramshackle as we'd believed as they were resistant to coming down. A couple of barn windows were shattered in the process:

Yet with big equipment and a couple of hours, all the sheds were soon reduced to rubble:

The contractors had included removal of the debris in their price and had furthermore agreed to save out any usable boards which I might want some day for building box stalls and chicken nest boxes:

One contractor went across the road to take down the other shed while his brother began sorting through the debris and loading it on a trailer to be hauled away:

While all this was going on, I was carrying garbage from the barn to that big dumpster:

When the shed in the north hay field came down, they used the front bucket to scoop up much of the garbage which filled it and then dropped it into the dumpster. The bucket was also handy for packing down the accumulated stuff in the dumpster:

And it wasn't long before the shed in the north field was a pile of rubble. Things were already looking amazingly different and they'd only been at it for less than a day. As for me, I kept loading up that dumpster. But I'll post more tomorrow:

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