Sunday, April 29, 2012

Barn Construction At The Halfway Point

I arrived at the farm and was happy to see the barn reconstruction had progressed markedly. The new brown steel siding was almost all in place, the walls were straight and strong, the floors no longer sagged:

They'd painted the south door white and had put up a lot of the white window trim:

The east side of the barn was now absent of its former collapsing sheds:

Much of the debris from the shed demolition had been removed although there was plenty yet on the ground. The pile of old tires was still there. The new siding caused the rusted old steel roofing to look pretty bad by comparison. I wished that I could afford to fix that, but I'd already made remarkable progress:

The north door still needed to be trimmed and painted, but overall the barn was looking good:

This barn is a magnificent and imposing structure, a large part of the value of the property. Some day when I sell the place I'll be very glad I had this work done:

The weather was warm and sunny so I left the dogs all outside in their fenced in run where they played with the tenants' dog:

My neighbor had removed all the maple trees in the side yard except for one. I didn't want giant old trees too close to the house when I'm living up there and too old and too poor to deal with them. Besides, my neighbor needed the firewood:

Everything was looking good and I was pleased. But this was only a very brief stay and I'd have to leave for home the next morning. The dogs and I spent a comfortable night in our apartment and awoke to a magnificent sunrise the next morning. I wished I could stay longer but had to get back to Albany. I'll post more about the journey home tomorrow:

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