Monday, April 16, 2012

Sinclair Falls At 2 Miles, Part 1

We left Lampson Falls and continued southeast on the county road toward the tiny hamlet of Degrasse, New York. There was a small airport:

The sign informed me that I was entering Degrasse:

I saw no businesses of any kind but there were perhaps 10 or 15 homes:

These were pleasant country homes and I guessed that these people commuted to Canton to earn their living. The drive was only about 20 miles on good county roads with very little traffic:

Degrasse had a fire department:

And a cemetery:

And then I turned onto Tooley Pond Road, a route through the Adirondack forest which followed the Grasse River:

The waterfalls on the Grasse River were to be found by their mileages along Tooley Pond Road from the town of Degrasse. The first was Basford Falls at 1.4 miles but I couldn't find the trail. So I continued on to Sinclair Falls at 2 miles, which was easy to find because the parking area was at a bridge over the Grasse River:

I left the dogs in the car and walked to the bridge to view the Grasse River looking southeast (and more or less into the sun):

And northwest where it was already churning on its way to Sinclair Falls:

The dogs wanted to get out and we were parked right at the trail head:

So I let them out and we began hiking downhill toward the falls:

I could see the roiling rapids of the Grasse River just ahead through the trees. I could hear the falls. I'll post more tomorrow:

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