Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adrenaline Falls At 3.3 Miles

The next waterfall in our tour was Adrenaline Falls at 3.3 miles from the hamlet of Degrasse, New York. Tooley Pond Road was following the Grasse River and I was finding the trail heads by mileage. At more or less the 3.3 mile mark I spotted a trail so I parked the car and let the dogs out:

We hiked a short distance downhill to the Grasse River through a beautiful forest:

I was surprised to find a sandy beach along the Grasse River and Seamus was delighted. He went right in but the other dogs wanted no part of it:

Delicate little Clover has an adventurous spirit and walked right out onto the rocks of the falls, stopping only when her feet were immersed. I was just about to call her back when I realized she was going no farther. She just wanted to take a closer look:

Adrenaline Falls is also called Stewart Rapids. The "adrenaline" part, I imagine, was a word offered up (along with lots of swear words) by those unfortunate explorers whose canoes were swept over the falls. Those who lived to tell the tale, that is:

The Grasse River roiled and churned with great power as it made its way downstream, heading toward its rendezvous with the St. Lawrence Seaway:

Yet there were quiet inlets and gorgeous, peaceful woodlands:

Daphne and Clover seemed to recognize no danger. To them this was just another play time in the forest:

I'd walked out onto a piece of land jutting into the river and then noticed that I only had three dogs with me. Seamus was not there. Where was Seamus?!? I started to panic but then saw his frustrated face beneath that fallen tree behind us. He was too fat to jump over the tree and too big to crawl under it. But he was still trying:

But we had more waterfalls to see so I began walking uphill back toward our parked car (you can just see it up on the road):

Clover struck a winning pose alongside a couple of very large trees. Now, this is the life for a Papillon, much better than silk pillows and pink bows!:

We all climbed uphill with the dogs continuing to frolic. This was all a great deal of fun for them even if I did get a little loud when they got too close to the falls or rapids:

This was during that patch of 80 degree (F) weather we had in March but it was still morning and not yet too hot:

As soon as this romp was over, we hopped back into the car and headed farther down Tooley Pond Road toward the next waterfall:


  1. Poor Seamus! I can totally sympathize as I also get myself into that predicament sometimes :)


    1. He's such a big ol' sweetheart that I felt guilty chuckling, but I couldn't help myself. But then we all hurried back to join him - I certainly couldn't have lifted him over that tree trunk!