Thursday, April 12, 2012

From Keene, New York To The Hays Brook Horse Trail

We were traveling through the Adirondacks, the dogs and I, on our way to another visit to the farm. I stopped in Keene, New York at the North Country Taxidermy And Trading Post:

And began snapping pictures of their amazing merchandise and displays. This is where I discovered that my new camera's settings were accidentally changed every time I slipped it into my pocket and often just by handling it. I then began checking the main setting before every shot:

There were animal skins, heads and displays everywhere I looked:

I climbed up to the balcony and looked down to the showroom below:

Taxidermy is their main business but they also have many Adirondack themed gifts:

But we were on our way up to the farm, so I got back into the car and continued driving Route 73. Arriving at the Cascade Chain of lakes is always one of my favorite moments:

And when we got to the entrance to the Hays Brook Horse Trail, I pulled in. The access road is where I'd torn off a splash guard beneath my car on our last trip but that had been repaired and the snow had been packed down. I parked my car and the dogs and I began walking the trail:

This is a wonderfully scenic trail and a calming pinewoods sure to thrill one's soul:

For the dogs it's an explosion of fascinating aromas:

We didn't go far in on the trail because of old Wally and Winky. I returned to the parking area and let the dogs play in the surrounding forest:

Seamus was very happy to be able to stretch his long legs:

Daphne and Clover ran, wrestled and sniffed. But this was just a quick rest stop and we were about 45 minutes from the farm. So I loaded all six dogs back up into the car and continued on my way:

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