Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Driving Home From The Farm Through The Adirondacks

It had been a productive and exciting visit to the farm, but of course the time came when it was time to head for home. I didn't dawdle but left early in the morning and took the most direct route. I did, however, take the time to stop and photograph some of the beautiful Adirondacks on my way home:

Some of the high peaks near Adirondack Loj Road:

More peaks over a driving range:

And when we arrived at the Cascade Lakes, I pulled into the little waterside park to give the dogs a break:

It was still quite early in the morning and taking pictures without glare was difficult. But as you can see, the surroundings were magnificent:

We were all alone in the park and the dogs trotted around giving everything the sniff test. The morning sun was just beginning to hit the mountaintops while we, down below, were still in the shade:

In spite of the unseasonable warm weather there was still some ice on the lakes and steam rising as that ice melted. The dogs and I took a walk along the shoreline:

Poor old Wally found himself too far from the car when it came time to leave. Winky was the other direction so I just had to hold still and keep calling them both:

And then we drove onward through the Keene Valley:

And I stopped for more photos of the glorious Adirondacks:

My favorite spot. I never grow tired of this scene:

I drove on past Marcy Field but didn't stop to let the dogs out. I reckoned that there'd be an opportunity for one more rest stop when we reached the Ausable River:

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