Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Trip Up To The Farm With A Stop Along Route 28N

With work on the barn going at an exciting pace I was soon back on the road driving up to the farm. But this time I decided to take another route just for variety. I was driving on Route 28N through the Adirondacks near Newcomb, New York when I spotted a pull-off which I knew from previous trips had a nice place where I could give the dogs a rest stop. We all hopped out of the car and down a small hill to a brook:

Little Daphne and Clover stopped only momentarily for a drink before resuming their race through the forest:

Old Wally, in spite of his failing eyesight, happily walked across the water on a moss covered log:

And crabby old Winky did the same. These two old guys have not yet given up their spirits of adventure - they're just slower and more cautious these days. But this was just a quick rest stop and within minutes we were all back in the car and on our way once again toward the farm. I'll post more tomorrow:

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