Monday, April 2, 2012

The Adirondack Hamlet Of Keene Valley, New York - Part 2

Keene Valley is a tiny community but so remarkably situated that it has become a memorable destination for many people. This old general store has been here for a very long time. I used to stop to buy soft drinks after hiking the nearby high peaks. The owners were so surly that I finally stopped going in and have never been back. These days there's a modern convenience store just down the road so I suppose their business is declining:

As I passed through on Route 73, I snapped pictures of the homes along the road:

It seemed to me that this must have been quite a different town before the Adirondack Park made it a tourist destination and there's still reminders of its former self such this house (and the Valley Grocery):

Green Point Foods seems to sell what used to be called health foods and I recently noticed a sign indicating they had a lunch menu. I'll give it a try one of these days:

An Adirondack twig art fence:

And a modern purveyor of skiing, hiking and rock climbing supplies:

The Adirondack Department Store, really a sort of combination hardware store and souvenir shop:

And The Garage, which never seems to be open. I don't know what they sell:

The Riverside Farm Market often has lots of flowers out front for sale. I don't know what they sell the rest of the year. I suppose I should stop and find out:

Native White Cedars in front of this woodsy looking home:

And I snapped one last photo of a green home as I passed out of town and continued on my way toward the farm:

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