Friday, April 6, 2012

The Massena Humane Society

After an exhausting day and a half of hauling trash out to the dumpster, I took a break and drove into Massena to replenish my food supplies and buy a new radio which, I hoped, would have better reception. But on the way home I decided to stop once again at the Massena Humane Society:

It's not a large place but has accommodating hours:

I'd never been in that little "Incoming Animals" building but once saw a State Trooper drop off a dog there which had been killed on the road. While that was sad, I was happy that they seemed not to be inundated with new dogs and I learned from chatting with a worker there that almost all their animals get placed:

I went inside and viewed their cats, presented in glass fronted cubicles in the front room. I suppose they have a "meet and greet" room for cats to get to know their potential new families, but I never saw it:

The cats were friendly and interacting with me as I snapped their photos:

"Sorry Mister, but I already have a new home:"

The dogs were loud, rowdy and mostly Pit Bull mixes. They were very difficult to photograph as most of them were hopping up and down as if they were on Pogo sticks:

This pair held still for only a moment:

This old terrier kind of reminded me of my college dog, Brandy:

I went back out into the front office and snapped a few photos of the much, much quieter cats:

And I stopped for a conversation with a friendly and welcoming worker. She answered all my questions about this Shelter and the other Shelters in the area. She said that they quickly adopt out small dogs. And elderly dogs also tend to go quickly, she said, because "people feel sorry for them." She helped confirm my impressions that the people in the area were, by and large, kind-hearted and friendly. I told her that I'd like to volunteer there when I move to the area and then I continued on my way back to the farm:

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