Monday, April 23, 2012

Rainbow Falls (Part 3) At 6.1 Miles

We'd hiked in to Rainbow Falls and found it to be magnificent, roaring through a narrow gorge and causing mist to fill the air (thus causing the "rainbows"). We'd walked downstream and back uphill alongside a secondary, adjacent waterfall:

The northern forest was quite spectacular all on its own, even without the waterfalls, and a joy to experience:

The trail was lined with mosses and tree roots and quite peaceful except for the constant roar of the falls:

When we reached the top of the hill, I put the dogs back on their leashes and walked over to the edge of the gorge:

Rainbow Falls up close and personal was a powerful and awe inspiring experience. Besides the sight and sound, the air was filled with mist:

And there's the best shot so far of the wave-shaped snow which the Papillons almost climbed, nearly causing me to have a meltdown. You can really see here how dangerous it would have been:

But then we began hiking back toward the trail head. Mosses and lichens covered the rocks along the way:

We crossed back over the little bridge spanning the rapids without incident:

And back through the quiet, peaceful forest where not even the roar of Rainbow Falls could penetrate:

The dogs still felt happy and playful. As for me, I was feeling serene and content although I wanted to get home:

There was yet another waterfall on my planned itinerary, Copper Rock Falls, but I wanted to get back to the farm and take care of Wally and Winky. I also wanted to see how the barn reconstruction was progressing:

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