Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wending Our Way Home Through The Adirondacks - Part 1

I was driving home after a very busy visit to the farm and the dogs were needing a rest stop. I drove down the snowy, unplowed access road to Hays Brook Horse Trail and knew I'd made a mistake the moment I'd begun. But I couldn't stop, slow down or turn around. I kept going and was able to stop and turn around in the parking area:

The dogs got their rest stop although none of them ventured off the parking area:

When it came time to load up the car and once again traverse that rutted, snow and ice packed access road, I steeled myself and gunned it. I made it back to the highway but later learned I'd destroyed a splash guard on my car's underside. I'll not be so adventurous in the future:

In the town of Brighton I stopped for coffee and then took a spin through the former hay field which is becoming an upscale housing development. There's only a few houses built but they sure have terrific views:

I stopped once again near the Brighton Cemetery for a quick shot of the mountains:

The views were fantastic all along Route 86:

The forests and hay fields came right up to the road, always with a backdrop of Adirondack mountains:

I traveled through the lovely little town of Saranac Lake:

And stopped for a quick shot of the homes along the shore of Lake Flower:

There was still debris left from their February Winter Carnival, giant ice blocks piled up along the shoreline. One structure which looked sort of like a flying saucer was still standing. We were making good time on our journey home. I'll post more tomorrow:

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