Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Twin Falls At 3.1 Mile

We'd already explored Lampson Falls and Sinclair Falls, although I'd been unable to locate the trail head for Basford Falls. The next stop, at 3.1 miles from the hamlet of Degrasse, was Twin Falls. I pulled my car onto the shoulder of the road, from where I could already see the smaller of the two falls:

It was quite a nice waterfall and if this was the small one, I figured the big one would be really spectacular:

The trail guide told me that I'd have to walk upstream and wade across the river to see the larger of the Twin Falls so I left the dogs in the car and walked up to take a look. The channel feeding the smaller falls was laid up with cut stones, evidence that some water powered mill had stood here once upon a time:

The only way to get across the channel was to cross that old, rotten log or to walk farther upstream and wade through the river which was exceedingly broad and over a foot deep even at its most shallow point. I decided not to do it. Perhaps I'll try again in the fall when there's less water:

There was a sort of island between the two falls but I couldn't access it and therefore couldn't see the bigger of the Twin Falls. But on such a glorious spring day, breathing in the aroma of Balsam and seeing such natural splendor, I couldn't complain:

The old, rotten looking log was just above the falls. If one were to fall, - well, I didn't even want to contemplate such a thing. I decided to play it safe and just enjoy the view from the roadside:

I walked back to the car where my anxious dogs were wondering why they couldn't get out and play. But they didn't need to worry as we had several more waterfall walks just ahead of us on Tooley Pond Road:

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