Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Adirondack Hamlet Of Keene Valley, New York - Part 1

We arrived in the little Hamlet of Keene Valley and I decided to take some pictures. The first place I photographed was Neighborhood House, an assisted living residence. How nice it must be to spend one's old age surrounded by such beautiful mountain scenery:

I snapped a photo down a side street to show how every road took you toward Adirondack high peaks:

The Rustic Store, one of the few such places I haven't yet visited. I'll have to remember to do that soon:

The Birch Store. I have been in there but didn't find anything I wanted or could afford:

And if one wanted to buy property here, I would suppose that this Adirondack Realty office would be a good place to begin looking:

The Noon Mark Diner always seems to be doing a lively business. Nearby Noonmark Mountain, by the way, is one of the best hikes in all the Adirondacks, with 360 degree views. I've hiked it several times when I was younger:

The Trail's End Bed And Breakfast had vacancies, not that I'd be checking in. Are you noticing that every shot has a backdrop of Adirondack mountains?

The Skylight Gallery is named, I'd guess, after Mount Skylight, one of the most remote and spectacular of the high peaks. I hiked it once with my old dogs Casey and Poppy, and was so moved by the wild beauty of the summit that I broke into tears:

The Keene Fitness Center. I did not, alas, see any beautiful, buff bodies coming or going:

A Congregational church. Some day I'll take photos of all the churches I pass along my way:

A regional office of the Nature Conservancy:

The Ausable Inn. I once long ago had a pleasant lunch on the deck here, while my two dogs were tied to the railing. But there was still more to see in Keene Valley so I'll post more photos tomorrow:

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