Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sinclair Falls At 2 Miles - Part 2

The dogs and I made the short hike down to Sinclair Falls on the Grasse River through a lovely northern forest filled with such earthy wonders as these mosses, lichens and Partridgeberries:

The Grasse River is chockablock with rapids and waterfalls, with some confusion over which is which. Never mind that, it was spectacular:

We explored the shoreline and watched the river churn and roar on its way toward the St. Lawrence Seaway:

I had put the dogs on leashes at first but began to relax and unhooked them so they could run and play:

Daphne did a bit of rock hopping while I held my breath:

Big Seamus was content to stay on dry land for now. He loves the water but is a bit big and cumbersome for rock hopping:

Fergus, Daphne and Clover ran up and down the shoreline:

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" If the dogs could quote Lewis Carroll, I'm sure that's what they'd have been saying:

We began working our way back uphill toward our parked car:

Giant glacial erratics littered the forest floor, giving some evidence of the origins of this area:

And a shot of Sinclair Falls from the side, demonstrating why it is called a waterfall and not a rapid:

Daphne ran ahead and waited happily for us slowpokes to arrive. Framed in sunshine, she was a perfect picture of happiness:

And shortly we arrived back at the car. We had more waterfalls to visit along the Grasse River. I'll tell you about the next one tomorrow:

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