Friday, April 20, 2012

Bulkhead Falls At 3.5 Miles

Adrenaline Falls had been at 3.3 miles from the hamlet of Degrasse along Tooley Pond Road and Bulkhead Falls was to found at 3.5 miles. So I had to keep alert as I watched for a trail along the road. I thought I found one near a large boulder beside the road so I parked and let the dogs out:

The whole forest was dotted with giant boulders, presumably glacial erratics, which were covered with mosses and lichens:

The dogs and I walked down to the Grasse River and enjoyed the stunning view of Adirondack forest and churning, roiling waters:

Seamus began to wade into the water. I was at first alarmed, but decided he was in no danger there. In the end, he only got his feet wet and quenched his thirst:

Little Clover wanted no part of the water but happily explored the rocky shoreline. She looked so tiny in all that grandeur that I found it a striking contrast:

We walked downstream to see the falls, climbing over giant rocks:

And there it was, Bulkhead Falls:

It was such a pleasant spot and a warm day that we hung around and enjoyed a bit of rock hopping near the water:

As you can see, the Grasse River here was quite powerful. Nonetheless, I let the dogs do their exploring and they were careful, not going too close to the rapids:

Seamus was less adventurous, preferring to strike dramatic poses instead of adventuring:

We got close to the top of the falls and looked down. I suppose that this would be considered by some a rapid instead of a falls, but I'd bet any unfortunate soul who went over it in a canoe would not quibble:

The river quieted down to a calm and peaceful waterway just below the falls:

The views were stunning:

We began climbing back uphill toward our parked car, but Clover and I stopped for one parting shot of lovely Bulkhead Falls before leaving for our next waterfall:

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