Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Great Waterfall Tour - Lampson Falls, Part 1

I'd arrived at the farm on Sunday afternoon, inspected the progress on the barn restoration and settled in for a quiet night in the farm apartment. On Monday morning the contractors arrived and began working on the barn. There wasn't much I could do, so I decided to take The Great Waterfall Tour along the scenic Grasse River, an excursion I'd been planning for some time. I drove to Canton and turned south on a county road. I was surprised to see the sign for Lampson Falls as I hadn't realized it was right there with the other falls. But it was reportedly beautiful so I parked and let the dogs out:

Lampson Falls is a popular destination for local folks and New York State has provided a broad, level trail through the forest. We had it all to ourselves that day so I let the dogs off leash:

The forest was lovely and the trail was the easiest I've ever seen. It was a lovely March day with temperatures predicted to rise to summery highs. There was no litter anywhere. This was an auspicious beginning:

Since we were all alone, I let the dogs run and play freely::

There was evidence in places of a great blow-down not too long ago. I imagine it would be terrifying to be in the forest during such wind:

I thought I heard traffic and wondered momentarily if we might be near a freeway of some sort. Silly me. But I quickly realized that the great roar I heard was the waterfall just ahead:

We hurried along, even the dogs sensing that something exciting was just ahead:

And there it was, just ahead through some trees:

The roar of the falls was deafening and the mist filled the air. The trail took us within a few feet of one side of the falls. I got nervous and put the dogs on their leashes. I'll post more about Lampson Falls tomorrow:

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