Thursday, April 5, 2012

Barn Construction Begun - Part 2

When the weather turned warm and the snow began quickly melting, activity accelerated. One worker loaded debris from the demolished sheds onto a trailer to be hauled away:

I, meanwhile, was making progress filling up the dumpster:

Take a good look at the east side of the barn. It'll never look the same again:

See that big square opening in the hayloft? It no longer served any purpose so I asked the contractors to cover it with siding. That, I hoped, would keep out the pigeons which were nesting in there and filling my hay loft with poop:

I was piling wood alongside the barn for the contractor to burn and filling the dumpster with garbage:

When I was almost finished, I began tossing old furniture from the barn on top the other garbage:

The room in the barn which had formerly been filled with trash almost up to the bowed and broken floor joists was eventually emptied. Things were looking up. The floor joists were going to be repaired as part of the deal with the contractor:

And then they began removing the curled old shingles which covered a great deal of the barn:

The bucket loader became especially handy as it both lifted him up and gave him a place to drop the removed shingles:

And, on the second day, I called the dumpster company and had them pick up the full dumpster:

I eventually learned that I'd hauled about 3 tons of trash into that giant box. I also got a great deal on the rental of the dumpster, courtesy of the farm house tenant who works at that company:

But the winds were picking up and another sheet of old steel siding soon blew off the south end of the barn. I carried it inside lest it fly away and hurt someone or something. This all happened by noon on my second day up there. Since I was finished with my job of filling the dumpster, I had all afternoon to explore the area. I'll post about that tomorrow:


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