Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Great Waterfall Tour - Lampson Falls, Part 2

We'd hiked in to Lampson Falls, just south of Canton, New York. The trail took us to the very edge of the falls and the great volume and roar of the water was so intimidating that I put the dogs on their leashes as we explored the rocky ledges adjacent to the falls:

Seeing and feeling a waterfall this closely was quite moving, the thought of slipping and falling into the current frightening. I was very careful:

We followed a trail downhill past the end of the falls and up onto a hill where we could get a full view. I let the dogs off their leashes again:

The pooches ran and played as they explored the forested hillside:

And there was Lampson Falls in all its roaring glory. I realized that I'd be photographing all these falls on the Grasse River looking more or less into the sun. The next time I take this waterfall tour I'll do it in the afternoon for better photographs:

We continued exploring the rocky shores of the Grasse River. This was beauty on such a grand scale that I had to think my life was exceedingly blessed:

The Grasse River bends just below the falls and the rushing waters pound against the rocky hillside:

But we had many more waterfalls yet to see so we climbed back up to the trail and began making our way back to the parked car:

This forest trail was quiet and peaceful. I found two or three pieces of litter and picked them up. The least I could do was help keep this spectacular natural treasure cleaned of litter:

I loaded the dogs back into my parked car and headed out to find more waterfalls along the Grasse River. But I'll post more about that tomorrow:

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