Friday, March 31, 2017

Wheeler Road In Bangor, New York - Part 2

I was taking a driving tour on Wheeler Road in rural Bangor, New York (see also Part 1, posted yesterday). This attractive farm house had a lovely front porch and what looked like a new roof:

A traditional family farm, with barns and silo:

A busy barnyard:

A beautiful old barn:

The road narrowed and may have been called by another name as I continued north, but my focus was on the rural scenery such as these barns and silo:

An attractive farm house with front porch:

This farm had several red barns and white board fences:

It also had some black and gold colored cattle, munching on a hay bale:

Another farm house with a front porch and a chimney:

I had to pull off onto a short dead end road to photograph these handsome horses:

Another barn and silo on the same farm as the horses:

And right after I'd photographed the barn in the above photo, this black and white horse walked out from behind the fence. I'm glad I didn't drive away before I saw him. But this was the end of my driving tour, so I put away my camera and continued on toward home:

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