Sunday, March 5, 2017

Taylor Road In Rural Bangor, New York

I was on my way to Malone, NY to shop at Walmart, this time specifically to take a rural photographic driving tour along the way. I turned onto Taylor Road in Bangor, New York and began at this giant, immaculate farm. There were many plastic wrapped bales of haylage out back which didn't fit into the picture, but you can see a few of them atop the bunker silo, holding down the tarp:

 The same farm as above, but from a different angle. There were many barns, and this pen of contented Holsteins:

 This abandoned old home had broken windows and an open door. I drove right past it and then backed up to take a picture:

A gigantic barn, which seemed big enough to house an entire village. It did not, however, look as if it was currently in use:

A multi-bay equipment shed:

 A family farm house with a porch for sitting:

 A cute little farm house, again with a porch for sitting and watching the rural beauty:

 I snapped a photo of this house, set back in the trees, and then drove on. It wasn't until I got home and began editing photos that I noticed it looked as if no one lived there anymore:

 Someone certainly lived in this grand home, apparently part of a successful family farm:

 A series of barns, farm equipment and grain bins:

 Someone's back yard, with an arbor, a covered bridge style pavilion and a perfect, tiny play house:

 A magnificent farm with a multitude of barns:

 More barns, grain bin, farm equipment and a wagon full of large, square bales:

 More barns:

 This classic, elegant farm house was at the end of Taylor Road. I thought it an appropriate end to this rural driving tour:

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