Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dogs, Cats And Guinea Pigs

The kitchen corner continues as THE place to be, the place where dogs and cats spend their lazy days. In this photo are all five dogs (Clover, Jack, Daphne, Fergus and Seamus) plus Bugsy the cat:

Georgette remains aloof in her bed on the kitchen table:

Seamus often forsakes the kitchen dog beds and lounges on the hard living room floor when I'm at the computer:

Daisy seems totally cured now, and is fond of doing "the kitten roll," where she rolls onto her side or back and curls her front paws. It's cute, but difficult to walk around when she does it in front of my feet. In this case, she was on the dog food bin:

All in a heap, keeping me company while I was at the computer:

Bugsy, looking rich and luxurious. You'd never guess he was a sick, flea infested kitten, thrown off at my barn to die last summer. He looks like he's contemplating knocking over the lamp, something he's done more than once:

A collective scene of good will - and lack of ambition:

Daphne, Clover and Bramble shared a floor pillow:

As the snow began to melt, the dogs began to spend more time outdoors. I have not yet cleaned up the winter's accumulation of dog poop. It won't be pretty:

Another friendly collection on the big floor pillow - Daphne, Bugsy, Clover and Bramble:

Dixie the guinea pig finally died, and I buried her underneath where a big hay bale had been (the only thawed ground). That same day, I found two female guinea pigs on Craigslist and purchased them, with cage. The black and white one is named Meghan:

Ruby is the shy brown one. She's very gentle. They seem happy in their new home, though, and are more vocal than guinea pigs I've had in the past. They have become quite friendly and bold, talking to me when I enter the room, begging loudly for more lettuce. They like having their chins rubbed and are getting used to being held:


  1. So sorry about Dixie but I know she had a wonderful life with you as will Meghan and Ruby.
    RB Eugene OR

    1. Thanks, RB. I even surprised myself at how attached I got to Dixie, and now the new guinea pigs are even more personable.