Friday, March 17, 2017

Taylor And Munson Roads In Brasher NY

I was on the way home from the veterinarian's office (again) and decided to take some photos along the way. I headed south from the town of Massena into the town of Brasher, New York by turning at this abandoned house onto Taylor Road. This house fascinates me because it is so old and yet still sealed up. I wonder who lived there, why they moved and what artifacts are still inside:

Taylor Road is quite rural, and I hadn't gone far before I saw this large barn and silo:

A large farm house:

A modernized home and a small but sturdy barn:

And three handsome horses:

A sprawling farm with many buildings, all appearing to be in excellent shape:

A comfortable looking farm house set far back behind the trees:

An attractive, well maintained farm. I didn't notice when I left Taylor Road and began driving on Munson Road, but they were essentially the same road anyway:

This, being the town of Brasher, meant that a large portion of the road passed through Brasher State Forest. I looked for interesting new trails to try with the dogs, but didn't see any:

Just as I approached the end of Munson Road, I stopped to photograph this old barn. I remember seeing horses there long ago, but this time I saw no animals. As I began to drive away, I did see a small herd of Black Angus far back in the trees, but I was not able to get a good photo of them:

The last barn on Munson Road was this small, old structure which looked as if it was being cleaned out, perhaps to be put to use once again:

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