Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pretty Little Town Of Constable, New York

I drove through the town of Constable on my way back from having my roosters butchered last summer and thought it was such a pleasant town that I should return for a driving tour. Well, I finally did so. I saw several murals painted in the town, this one on the front of a garage, with woodlands right behind it. Notice also the wagon wheel, the pump and the large chainsaw bear:

A square, galvanized wash tub on a fence post, and an old, double garage, no longer in use:

A modern house with a wonderful front porch:

A classic colonial:

A pleasant home, peeking out from behind the trees:

A lovely red colonial. I only got a side view, however, and later wished I'd have photographed the front:

Still decorated for Christmas and, with the recent snow, looked all ready for Santa:

I don't know my styles of house, but I think this would be Victorian. I was particularly enamored of the little upstairs corner balcony:

Lizzie Ann's Deli Delight:

I saw both a Roman Catholic church and this Methodist church in Constable:

Constable town offices:

And the Constable Pub:

Mike's Wildlife Relocation Services, apparently a Shell station in a former life:

Another magnificent front porch:

Yes, front porches are not only ubiquitous, but I'd say they are an art form in these parts:

A country style home and carriage house:

A barn with pictures of dogs and an American flag on its walls. Constable was a pleasant little town, close enough to Malone to be considered a suburb, but far enough away to be a regular small town:

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