Monday, March 13, 2017

Scenic, Rural Bangor Road - Part 2

I was touring Franklin County Route 53, running north from West Bangor, NY to North Bangor, NY, and had turned off onto Mill Road, a short stretch which soon dead-ended. It was interesting, though. Even though the day was warm, the horses down the hill had their quilted blankets on:

Another old stone house, this one part of a family farm. The colorful blobs in the front yard were deflated Christmas decorations, not yet brought indoors for storage until the next Yuletide:

And the barns and equipment which accompanied the above house:

Mill Road was exceedingly short, so I was soon back on Bangor Road, where I stopped at this family alpaca farm:

The alpacas were out back, so I used my zoom lens to get a look at them:

A pleasant, country home with the usual big front porch. The scenery around here is so nice that most homes, it seems, have a spacious porch on which to sit and ponder the view:

As I headed north, I began to see more farms. This one, for instance, which was immaculate:

An old brick farm house with sap lines running between the Sugar Maples in the front yard:

Out behind the brick farm house was this corn crib for ear corn:

The last farm I photographed on Bangor Road was this sprawling collection of barns and sheds:

I stopped for a closeup of the big, red barn, with hay elevator and hay wagon. It was part of the collection of outbuildings in the above photo:

And an equipment shed and lean-to for livestock. But this was the end of the road, so I put my camera away and continued on to Walmart to do some shopping:

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