Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dogs, Cats And A Guinea Pig

As winter fades, the dogs and cats are still sleeping most of each day, creatures of luxury:

Bramble has, after many years of being aloof, become a glutton for attention:

Daisy's eye developed a huge ulcer, then it healed, then it recurred. It's been a wild ride and lots of trips to the veterinarian:

The dogs get to go outdoors frequently, though they seem to want back in soon, more because they're afraid they're missing something than because it's cold:

Daisy has pretty much taken over the house:

And she enjoys the cat tree at the top of the stairs. The lettuce was left over from feeding Dixie, the guinea pig:

Bugsy often claims the top tier of the biggest cat tree, where he can hear the angel's trumpet:

And all the cats take turns sitting on the windowsill by the bird feeders. It's the ideal "Cat Television:"

Dixie, the guinea pig, seems to have had a stroke and has had difficulty walking ever since. She still enjoys being petted, however. I suspect she will not live much longer so I am giving her extra attention to help ease her days:

And the dogs love snow, at least when I am out there to share it with them:

Seamus sticks his whole head down into the snow:

Georgette still doesn't like other cats, but she is happy to share her house as long as they stay out of her face. She spends most of her time in her bed on the kitchen table:

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