Thursday, March 16, 2017

Miniature Horses

Blue has lost some of his former shyness and become friendlier. He always liked attention, but only after it had begun. Now he often comes looking for it:

Remy, in contrast, is a glutton for attention and cannot get close enough. It's sometimes difficult to take a picture of him because by the time I lift up the camera, he's almost in my lap:

I fed one of the cows a bowl of grain outside the barn one morning and Blue discovered the empty bowl. He then had a bit of a temper tantrum, banging it with his hoof because it was empty:

The horses haven't spent many nights inside the barn, but there have been a few nights of freezing rain when I couldn't bear to leave the animals outdoors. And of course, they spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights in their stall because of the blizzard:

Blue, normally mild mannered, becomes quite dominant over food. Remy has to be careful when he tries to grab a mouthful of hay:

But outdoors, they're best friends:

They sometimes used to allow the calves inside the barn with them but other times chased them out:

The cows and horses get along pretty darn well now. They've all grown used to each other:

He knows he's cute:

Sharing the hay feeder with Rosella:

Remy, checking me out and wondering what mischief he can get into:

Blue, standing in the doorway of the barn:

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