Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Tractor Drive Along The Fence Line

We'd had a snowfall overnight which coated everything beautifully, so I took a break from morning chores and drove the tractor down the gravel road, stopping briefly to photograph the Red Poll girls in the south field:

I drove down the road and turned left into the periphery of the north field. My intent was to snap pictures of the wintry beauty, beginning with this collapsing entryway for a mobile home which once stood here:

The driving was difficult because much of the snow was above the tractor's axle, but the scenery was glorious:

This road down into the woods is on my land, but outside of the fenced field. I seldom go there except to dump brush (on the left of the lane) and boulders (on the right):

A spruce tree:

The woods were coated with white powder and altogether lovely:

A fallen tree added a focal point for this photo:

An old dead tree which sprouted a new attempt to live:

A White Pine, starting up, and a large fallen hawthorn, which I cut out of the field after I bought the property:

A wall of huge boulders, hauled out of the field with large equipment, many years before I bought the property:

When I reached the far northern edge of the field, I looked back at my own barn and house. I used the zoom lens, which makes them look closer than they really were:

And the neighbors' farm, pretty enough for a Christmas card. But I hadn't finished the chores yet, so put my camera away and began driving back to the barn:

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