Thursday, March 2, 2017

Safe, Warm And Comfortable Indoors

The dogs and cats have been relaxed and comfortable indoors, even as the weather turned frigid, icy and snowy outside. This splendid collection of cuteness on the farm house kitchen floor consisted of Clover, Daphne, Jack, Bugsy, Seamus and Rocky:

Cuddle-buddies Clover and Bugsy. Bugsy was a throw-away kitten, left at my barn, very sick and skinny, and crawling with fleas. Now he's healthy, happy and nicely socialized:

Here's Bugsy again, this time with Daphne:

I keep a variety of dog beds and floor pillows on the kitchen floor. Fergus, Clover and Daphne were enjoying them on this wintry day:

Jack and his buddy, Seamus, though Seamus had chosen a dog bed far too small for his gigantic body:

Daphne was keeping company with cats - in this case, Bramble and Rocky:

The Poodle watchdogs, Seamus and Fergus, at the foot of the stairs:

Clover and Jack. Jack was another rescue, the most recent of the dogs. He was found as a terrified stray. He bit the Animal Control Officer and wouldn't let anyone come near him at the shelter. Anyone who reached toward him caused him to begin screaming and cowering. If they persisted, he'd bite them. The shelter wasn't sure how they'd place him, but one woman there made friends with Jack, so I knew it was possible. I spent time in his kennel with him, just standing quietly. Then I came back with Clover and Daphne, with whom he instantly fell in love. That sealed the deal and Jack spent most of the ride home trying to crawl onto my lap (while I drove!):

Bugsy again, this time with his big buddy, Seamus. Bugsy likes dogs for cuddling, cats for playing (especially wrestling):

Georgette was abandoned in an apartment with her one kitten and brought to the shelter. There they put an orphaned litter with her to nurse and I fostered the group. Once all her kittens were adopted, she remained unwanted and seemed to insist on staying with me. She got her wish:

Daisy, dumped at my barn with Bugsy, had a long period of severe illness, followed by months of eye infection. Then her cornea developed a hole through which the one remaining corneal layer was bulging dangerously. More antibiotics and a miracle working corneal repair gel brought her back to health:

Silly little Jack, keeping his eyes on me. One never knows what mischief I might get into:


  1. Always so touched by your rescue stories and how well (and large) your family is growing. I will miss the calves.

    1. Thanks. I'm hoping the first calf of this new season will be around March 28th.