Friday, March 24, 2017

The Red Polls In March

The Red Poll girls at first seemed forlorn without the two young calves. I'm glad, however, that Maggie and Tabitha got a wonderful home and that new calves should begin arriving any day now:

Gracie always has a crabby look on her face, but she's actually rather docile and friendly:

We've had alternating days of cold, snow, sun and warmth. The cows seem to handle the changes without problem, but then what choice do they have?

After the calves were sold, the cows didn't seem to want to go inside the barn for over a week. I never knew for sure what the reason was, but suspected that they could smell the adrenaline from the calf (Maggie) who had balked at being loaded onto the trailer and gave us such a hard time:

But soon they settled down and enjoyed life again, at least on the warmer days:

Cud chewing is a time for rest and relaxation:

They surely love their hay, the main ingredient of their diet:

It was so warm on one morning that the herd was shrouded in mist:

Ah, life is good in the springtime, at least on most days:

The bale feeder stayed on the east side of the barn all winter in order to give the cows protection from most winds, but I rolled it out into the field as the days got milder:

Jasmine sure looks pregnant, but then she always looks that way. Appearances can be deceiving:

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