Saturday, March 18, 2017

Brasher Falls-Helena Road, A Driving Tour

I turned onto County Route 53, which runs from the hamlet of Helena to the hamlet of Brasher Falls, deciding to take a driving photo tour. I'd reached Brasher Center when I saw these two small barns/sheds, and stopped for a photo:

And not too far behind the two sheds in the above photo was this handsome, two-toned barn. Did they never finish painting it or was it owned by two family members who each took half? I guess I'll never know:

A shingled barn in the old, traditional green color:

And an unpainted barn, supporting lots of dormant vines, sitting right up close to the road:

A striking barn with the tallest sliding door I've ever seen. I couldn't help but wonder what was stored inside which required such a tall door:

Twin silos, barns, tractor, pickup truck and an old John Deere tractor:

I stopped at this vegetable stand which still had a sign which advertised last season's sweet corn prices. Last year it sold for $4.00 per dozen:

This looked like a horse barn to me, but I didn't see any horses:

A very old barn which seemed to be sagging in the general direction of the slanted ground upon which it had been built:

A former dairy barn, apparently not now in active service:

As I approached the settlement of Brasher Falls, the road paralleled the St. Regis River. Because of the melting snow, it was swollen and overflowing its banks, covering the adjacent hay fields:

I did notice that the other side of the river didn't appear to be flooding, and I'll bet the owners of this waterfront home were grateful for that. But I was passing out of farm country and into the settlement of Brasher Falls, so I put my camera away and concentrated on getting home:

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