Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blue And Remy In The Snow

Meteorologists claim our winter has been milder than normal, but there were some rough and wild wintry days when Remy and Blue might have argued with that:

 Rosella forsook the big salt block for the horses' small one, while Remy began walking out to the cows' big salt block. I guess it's like dogs always wanting each other's food, even though they're identical:

 A cute pose by Remy:

 Every thaw, however temporary, sends both little horses out into the field to search for edible grass:

 And they always came back into the barn to "help" me clean the floor and put down new bedding hay. They want to be a part of things:

 After an overnight snowstorm, I could tell where the horses had walked by following their tracks. They sure covered a lot of ground:

 They didn't spend many nights in their stall, but when we had freezing rains, I let them in. Oddly, they weren't very happy about it:

 "I stick my tongue out at your stupid stall. I'm a macho outdoors horse:"

 Most days, however, looked like this - contented cattle and miniature horses, quietly eating hay:

 Blue has always been shy, but lots of affectionate attention has brought him around:

 As for Remy, he always come running for attention:

 Winter is ending and we'll all be glad to bid it farewell:

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