Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bye Bye Babies, Good Bye

Both calves, Tabitha and Maggie, went to their new home recently. Getting them rounded up and onto the horse trailer was such a rodeo that I took no photos at all, but here are some pictures I'd taken before they left for their new home. As you can see in this photo, they were no longer little babies:

 Tabitha was still nursing from her mom, Rosella, right up until the day she left. And as if nursing wasn't enough, she also took hay right out of her mother's mouth:

 Maggie was always the shy one, and also the one who gave us the most trouble when we wanted her to get up into the horse trailer:

 Here's a nice portrait of the two calves. Number 2 is Tabitha, daughter of Rosella. Number 12 is Maggie, daughter of Scarlett:

 After they drove away to the new home, Scarlett and Rosella stared at the barn and called for their calves. It was sad, but they got over it in a couple of days:

 I walked over to Rosella but she ignored me. Her full attention was on the barn, the last place she'd seen her calf:



 Their new owner is a kind man who treats them wonderfully. He had them calmed down the first day by spending time with them and brushing their coats:

 Their new owner wants to start a herd of his own and has placed an order for any more heifer calves which are born here this year. I have another man who has ordered a bull calf. Now I just hope that the cows are all pregnant:

 Last season's calving season is now history, and Red Polls are becoming part of New York State's agricultural scene. The first calf for this season is due, hopefully, about March 28th. Of course I'll post baby pictures if and when it happens:

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