Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Blizzard Of March 2017

Note: Four new photos added to this post today (at the bottom)

I wasn't worried about the predicted blizzard yesterday because we were north of the heavy snowfall areas. It began snowing here at 5:00 AM but I still wasn't worried. The cows were covered with snow when they came in for morning grain, but I still wasn't worried:

With the morning chores done, I came inside to spend the day. The dogs got out every couple of hours to play in the snow. Seamus is particularly fond of the snow:

Daphne and Clover weren't fond of the snow, but they were brave:

But most of their time was spent in the farm house kitchen, safe and warm:

Clover and Daphne curled up on a floor pillow with Rocky and Bugsy:

Just before noon, however, the blizzard began. This was the view to the northwest, with almost whiteout conditions:

And the view to southwest. Not much was visible:

Toward evening, I put Remy and Blue into their stall for the night. They seemed happy to go there:

The cows, all covered with snow, were standing outside the barn door and begging to come inside:

They looked so pathetic that I quickly let them into the barn:

I'd already thrown down hay and placed piles of it in each stall. They wasted no time, diving right into it:

And speaking of snowstorms, my sister sent me this photo, forwarded to her by a friend, of our childhood street on December 17, 1950. The houses were newly built and I was two years old. My sister was only four months old. Our house was the darker colored one about midway on the left. I guess we should be used to heavy snowfalls by now, shouldn't we?:

Added this morning:

I did the morning chores, but they were difficult because the snow is so deep. In most places, it is over my knees, which means that we got more than two feet so far. It's still snowing heavily, but it's no longer a blizzard. The winds are now from the west instead of the north. The wild birds were unable to get to the snow covered seed, so I had to clean off the feeders:

I kept seeing birds trying to get seed, but I took a couple of photos before I cleaned off the feeders:

The cows spent Tuesday night in the barn but were outside, trying to find hay beneath the snow when I got out there. I called them back into the barn for grain, then sent them back out, where they too found the snow up over their knees:

Blue and Remy spent the night in their stall, but were anxious to get outside and play in the snow. They seemed to think it was fun. I'll have a day of snow shoveling and plowing ahead of me:

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