Sunday, March 12, 2017

Scenic, Rural Bangor Road - Part 1

I was once again on my way to the Walmart in Malone, New York when I decided to detour down a scenic rural road for a driving photo tour. I chose Franklin County Route 53, which runs between West Bangor and North Bangor, New York. I turned off of the highway at the former Mallettes Garage:

And across the road from the garage was Fat Bob's Deli. I've stopped there several times for a coffee or sandwich as I passed by:

Bangor is close enough to Malone to be considered a sort of suburb, so I wasn't surprised at first that I saw few farms. This lovely old house, however, still had a traditional barn behind it:

I couldn't tell if this was an old barn which had been remodeled or a newly constructed barn to be used as a garage. Either way, I liked it:

A historic looking brick home with stucco, and horses out back:

A stunning house which an architect friend told me showed a Canadian influence:

This home may have been a building which had been repurposed, but what I liked was the collection of bird houses and feeders on the two posts, and on the ropes between them:

A comfortable farm house with a former barn, now a garage, out back:

I saw a number of stone houses along the way. This one sat up on a hill, overlooking the rural scenery:

Another stone home, this one all fixed up and modernized:

I turned off onto Mill Road, a very short, dead-end street, just to see what was there. I was not disappointed with the first home I photographed, a rambling old home with a large carriage house out back. There was more to see still on Mill Road and the main road, County Route 53, and I'll more post photos tomorrow, in Part 2:

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