Friday, March 3, 2017

A Snowy Day

I was in Massena when it began snowing, and the roads were hazardous as I drove home. My driveway had deep snow, though I was able to drive in and park. The weather bureau predicted continuous snow, increasing in intensity, all through the night:

The neighbors' horses were outside, apparently ignoring the snow:

I went out to do my evening chores:

The cattle, on the east side of the barn, were peacefully munching hay. They didn't seem to mind the snow much either:

Blue and Remy were covered, but also peacefully munching hay. They could have gone into the barn and eaten hay at any time, so apparently they weren't bothered by the snowstorm:

It was quite a scene, and the snow kept piling up:

I moved the bale feeder off the remaining hay and brought out a small bale to supplement what was left. I would bring out another big, round bale in the morning. I threw a brick of hay to the side for Blue and Remy:

When I walked away to go back inside the barn, the two little horses followed me:

I let the dogs out into their snowy yard before I went inside for dinner. Jack thought it was fun:

Seamus seemed to enjoy it also, though Daphne, Clover and Fergus wanted no part of it. Jack ran back and forth between Seamus and the other dogs:

I finally got Fergus to come a little closer (and Jack tried to get him to play), and Clover moved a few steps. Daphne was not interested:

A Downy Woodpecker was working the suet cake when I returned to the house.  I added more seed and brushed off the snow before retiring indoors for the evening:

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