Sunday, March 19, 2017


We've had early snow melts (alternating with blizzards) and take advantage of them. After cold and snow, it feels wonderful to be out in the sun again:

Daphne and Clover bask in the glorious sun:

Georgette stays inside, comfortable in her cat bed on the kitchen table:

Morning mealtimes have become a community event. Amazingly, I have no food aggressive animals. They all share. In this case, it was Rocky, Clover, Daisy, Bugsy and Daphne at the food bowls. Another wall had more food and water bowls:

And the cats have additional access to cat food, water and litter boxes on both floors:

Daisy's upper respiratory infection and diseased cornea both seem to be healed:

And the scrawny, flea and disease ridden, abandoned kitten, Bugsy, is now a long, luxurious, adult cat:

Rocky is getting old, but he still gets around and always wants more attention:

Dixie, the guinea pig, apparently had a stroke which took the use of her rear legs. Then she lost the use of her front legs also. I didn't know what to do, so I began wrapping her in a dish towel, kind of like a guinea pig burrito, and she loved it. It keeps her upright and I put food in front of her face. She is eating and drinking (I hold her up to the water bottle) so much that I have to change her towel many times each day:

She wriggles out of her towel burrito sometimes, but it gives her better traction than the pine shavings, and she can often remain upright on her own, at least for a while:

Dixie has also become more communicative. She used to be mostly silent, but now she vocalizes her wants - and sometimes she just wants to be petted:

At first I expected her to die soon, but she seems to have developed a new life with which she is happy:

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