Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Herd

As the snow melted, leaving puddles all over the pasture, Jasmine decided to save herself a walk to the stock tank. It's so much easier to drink from the puddles:

 Life is good when the weather cooperates:

 The cows have spent the winter huddled together on the east side of the barn. Every bit of spring weather now inspires them to venture out into the rest of the field:

 Remy ventures out in almost any weather. He considers himself a wild stallion:

 Blue would rather stay where the hay is, but he can be persuaded to play with Remy, and the two of them run back and forth across the field:

 But they also like to hang out inside the barn:

 I can relate to Blue, up to his belly in hay. I can imagine myself standing in a deep pile of donuts and pizza:

 Blue is mild mannered and shy - except where food is concerned. Remy is normally the dominant one, but he has learned to stay clear of Blue when they're eating:

 A couple of barn bums, rolling around in bedding hay:

 The girls at the salad bar:

 The cows were skinny and hungry when they arrived four years ago, in no mood to share their food with each other. They're fat and contented now, so don't mind sharing:

 The two small stalls I made for Blue and Remy when they first arrived were not adequate as stalls, but they did prove enormously handy at feeding time. The little horses can't fight over their food, and the cows can't push them away and steal it:

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