Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Has (Almost) Sprung

We had a very cold and snowy March, but April showers finally began to melt the accumulated snow. My lawn had little ponds in it:

The pasture was so wet that I had difficulty finding a place to put the bale feeder where there is no standing water. On this day, the cows had almost finished their last bale and were waiting for me to deliver a new one:

The cold rain seemed never to end. Remy, who could stay in the barn if he wanted, was outside in the rain lest he miss some good hay:

Blue ignored the new hay and ate the leftovers which the cows had abandoned. Notice the standing water between Blue and the barn. It was 4" deep in places and very cold:

I moved the bale feeder and dropped in a new hay bale. The cows and Remy ran to it:

But Blue stayed at the old hay:

Gracie thought I was silly, standing in the puddles to take a photo. I decided that she was right:

The pigeons can now go outside in nice weather although so far they've chosen not to:

The chickens also get to go outside in nice weather although I keep their outdoor time shorter to help avoid fox attacks:

I looked around the side yard and.................wait a minute, what is that odd color I see?:

Why, it's..........could it be green grass? Indeed it could. It's not yet much to write home about, but green is green, and for that I was grateful:

The ditch along the county road was full of rushing water and I decided that spring has indeed sprung, or at least was in the process of springing:

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