Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rural Elmer Road In The Town Of Moira, New York

I decided it was time for another driving photo tour and decided on Elmer Road, in the town of Moira. The first farm after I turned off of Route 11 was this beauty. What could be more classically rural?:

Everywhere I looked I saw beauty. The grass had greened and the trees were budding at a rapid pace:

Elmer Road takes a sharp turn where this log home was located:

I stopped to photograph these horses and then noticed the three goats. The were so friendly and curious that they trotted up to the fence to check me out:

Two small sheds along the road:

And a very old shed, set back off the road behind a row of trees:

This woodsy style home was set beneath towering pines and wood smoke rose from one of the chimneys:

Almost hidden by the trees, I might not even notice this place once all the leaves are out for the summer:

I passed by a large Amish farm and snapped a picture of the first barn:

And then two silos and the main barn:

The Amish house was built in the popular style and had the usual clothesline out front:

They also had a windmill and a sawmill, though a man was working at the sawmill so I didn't take a picture. Elmer Road is very short and this was the end of it, but it's long been one of my favorites:

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