Monday, April 17, 2017

A Day In The Sun

The sun came out, the skies were brilliant blue and the temperatures soared. It was such a pleasant relief after the rigors of winter. I walked out into the pasture and found the cows lounging in the hay they'd wasted:

They were soaking up the sun and chewing their cuds, happy to be alive and comfortable:

It was a friendly scene:

The wind was strong and gusty, but the warm temperatures meant that it felt pleasant. Remy walked under the Box Elder tree with his mane and tail blowing in the wind:

Blue must not have like the heat because he stayed in the shadow of the barn and didn't want to leave:

Inside the barn, the pigeons cooed and built nests:

And the hens roamed all over the yard:

I began picking up the winter's accumulation of dog poop, nearly filling two empty feed bags. There was still more to be picked up, but I got most of it. The grass will be growing soon, especially in the dog yard where it is so very well fertilized:

Then I walked around the yard to see what might be coming up. The tulips I planted last autumn had pushed up through the soil:

And my hardy Magnolia was putting out shoots. Will it bloom the first year? Probably not, but it was fun to imagine it might:

The old Daffodils in the middle of the lawn were coming up and already had buds on them. I'll be mowing around them for a month or more:

The old fashioned Iris by the Cedar tree were up, but the new Iris I planted last autumn hadn't come up yet. Spring has finally come to the north country:

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