Sunday, April 23, 2017

Walking The Wetlands On The Rutland Trail - Part 2

The dogs and I were walking the Rutland Trail east from Hallahan Road and enjoying the songs of the spring peepers (see also Part 1, posted yesterday):

Little Daphne kicked up her heels and raced ahead of gigantic Seamus:

There are wetlands all along this section of the trail:

And the dogs were thrilled to be on an outing:

We didn't go far before we turned back toward our parked car. That was fine with the dogs. They're happy as long as they are moving:

Even though it looks like it's all woods here, there was water on both sides of the trail:

We stopped again at the beaver lodge. I suspect that there are no longer any beavers living here. It is also possible that someone tore down a beaver dam elsewhere and dumped the wood here:

The water on the other side of the trail looked inviting, so three of the dogs went down for a closer look. None of them went in, I'm glad to report, not even Seamus:

As for me, I enjoyed the long vistas across the water and the sounds of spring peepers and honking geese:

We were nearing our parked car:

But Fergus took a detour to check out the water's edge. He looked a little sheepish when he returned, as if he thought he might have done something bad (he hadn't):

Little Jack spotted our car ahead and bolted, and Seamus watched him go. But I called, and Jack returned, so I put a leash on him and told the other dogs to heal for the final stretch to the road. The other dogs know that heel means to stay about two feet from me, either side is OK. With five dogs, I can't be too picky:

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