Friday, April 14, 2017

Pets Who Make This House A Home

I now share my home with five dogs, five cats and two guinea pigs and they all spend much of their time sleeping. This is Daphne, snoozing on a fleecy dog bed:

 Meghan and Ruby, the two new guinea pigs, have become extremely sociable and vocal. When they want lettuce, they say so loudly!

 Daisy was scratching up the door jambs, so I built a scratching post out of a cedar fence post and old barn boards. Then I sprinkled it with catnip. It took a while for her to take a liking to it, but she now prefers her post to my door jambs:

 Clover and Bugsy love to cuddle together when they nap:

 And various dogs and cats collect in the kitchen corner, where there are lots of dog beds of various kinds:

 Or, if I'm at the computer, the dogs often forgo the soft beds and pile up next to my chair. Hey, they need to keep an eye on me!

 Daisy was watching the bird feeder just outside the window, while Rocky snoozed in his square of sunshine. I think Clover was trying to decide if she should curl up with Rocky or return to the soft dog beds:

 It's Clover and Bugsy again. They are best friends:

 Seamus was looking fat again, but the vet weighed him at 94 pounds, his lowest since he once weighed 147 pounds. After he got his winter wool cut off at the groomer's, I could see how thin he's become. He's also healthier and happier, with no seizures in a long time:

 Little Jack is a high strung imp, but very lovable:

 The last photo is three friends on the giant floor pillow - Rocky, Bramble and Clover:

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