Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Limekiln Road, Town Of Malone, New York

I drove to Limekiln Road one day only to discover that the drizzling rain and melting snow had caused a fog too thick to take photos. I gave up the project, but when the sun came out (more or less) the next day, I drove back. The first farm I came to was a big, prosperous looking one:

Limekiln Road was close to the village of Malone, and therefore had a growing number of suburban type dwellings - but it was still farm country:

This old farm house was a classic:

And so were its barns and silos:

It is now maple syrup season, and this house was tapping its maple trees the old fashioned way:

Another old barn:

This barn sat downhill from a row of White Pines, but I did my best to get a photo:

But when I drove just a little farther, I did indeed get a better view. I noticed that the snow had not been plowed, so I surmised that this barn was no longer used. Our snow is melting rapidly, but our recent blizzard had left a lot of it:

A small logging operation:

A long valley, filled with water:

I might have driven right past this scene if I hadn't noticed the bright orange tractor. It was parked in the woods to be used collecting the sap in the buckets which were attached to every maple tree. But this was the last picture I took on Limekiln Road. I then turned onto Baker Road, and I'll post those photos tomorrow:

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