Friday, April 28, 2017

Springtime Romp Across The North Field

It was a lovely spring afternoon and I was didn't want to waste it by sitting at my computer. Suddenly I jumped up from my chair, called the dogs, put on a coat (it wasn't very warm) and headed out the door. We crossed the gravel road and entered the north field:

There had been no livestock in the north field all winter so there was no manure to worry about. I let the dogs run without much hollering at them to keep them nearby. They were ecstatic (look at little Jack, running joyously on the right):

It was great fun and I loved seeing my dogs so very happy. That yellow rectangle in the foreground was one of the plastic "Electric Fence" signs which I conscientiously placed around the perimeter when I first moved here. Alas, they've been blowing off ever since:

The electric fence was turned off, so when we reached the other side of the field, we crossed right through. I had to lift the wires for gigantic Seamus and we all then began walking east along the outside of the fence. Those white pipes up ahead were just that - white pipes, part of the great quantities of junk left behind by the previous owners. After hauling away multiple dumpsters full of junk and finding a home for about 80 old tires, I still have quite a bit left. But at least it's not in the fields anymore:

Once we were across the fence, the dogs slowed down - and instead of running ahead, they were locking onto interesting smells and lagging behind. I'd say that a lot of wildlife had been using this path when we weren't looking:

With five dogs on the move, there seemed to be dogs going in every direction. It is hard to keep an eye on them all:

We were headed for the corner, where there is a gate and a path down into the woods and back up to another field (of which I own a tiny sliver):

I considered following the path downhill into the woods but knew how wet it would be:

So instead we headed back in the other direction:

We investigated some big rocks, probably dug out of the field when it was first prepared for farming:

And then we headed back toward the house and barn:

There was no traffic, so I let them run on ahead and cross the gravel road. It had been a short but happy romp on a sunny spring day:


  1. a sweet post. I enjoyed it. And your spontaneous burst out the door; I've done this myself. And the dogs' enthusiasm. Little Jack romping, here and in other posts, cracks me up- cracker jack! These are the little things, a simple walk, the quiet country life, that make life good. Have a good weekend Bill.

    1. Thank you. Little Jack is certainly a personality, and he seldom stops running.