Thursday, April 20, 2017

Massena N.Y. Town Museum - Part 3

I was touring the Massena Museum and took a closer look at the general store exhibit (photo at the end of Part 2, posted yesterday).This scale was from the early 1900s and came from a local store, Tarpinian's Grocery:

This old cash register came from Podgurski's Store:

The Massena Police Department's switchboard and a uniform, both from the 1950s:

Instrument case from a doctor's office:

From the Purity Bakery:

I was advancing in history as I toured the museum, and things were beginning to look familiar to me. Then again, I am pretty darn old:

This reminded me of Easter dresses, worn by little girls to church on Easter morning:

A perfectly rendered model of the old Massena High School, displayed in a wood and glass case. Of course they have a modern high school now:

I wondered about the year of the model in the above photo, but then noticed an accompanying photo of the students from 1925. I suppose they were from about the same time:

More artifacts which I remembered from the old museum location:

A scene from a one room school:

An old Hoosier cabinet school and more vintage clothes. But this was the end of my tour. I asked about the hearse and funeral home display which I remembered from the old museum and was told that most of those artifacts would be moved here when an addition to the new building was completed:

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