Thursday, April 27, 2017

April On The Farm

Days of frenzied hay eating have given way to days of leisurely cud chewing now that the cattle's bodies require less energy to keep warm:

They continue to eat hay, but less of it. This photo was taken in the red glow of sunrise:

Remy and Blue have become so happy in the field that they spend little time inside the barn, sometimes not even coming in for grain. The cows frequently refuse to come in for grain. They just can't be bothered:

Blue has been shedding copiously. At this rate, he'll have his sleek, shiny, summer coat soon:

I've never had Crocus before, but one popped up in the lawn this year:

I dug up the ancient white Peonies, separated the roots and added a few new, red Peonies. I planted them all in compost and put a border fence around them:

The neighbors have been exercising their horses frequently past my house:

And they almost always stop to chat when they reach my house:

 I made an ice cream cake for Easter dinner at church:

And, when I got home, the dogs and Bugsy got to clean out the pan. Seamus and Bramble only watched, not willing to push their way into that pack of ravenous ice cream eaters:

The Snow Geese passed through the area a month ago but Canada Geese are everywhere these days:

The seem to have a preference for corn fields with flooded spots. I guess the reasons are obvious - food and water:

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